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Aboriginal Education Improvement Map

The Aboriginal Education Improvement Map (AEIM) is a multipurpose tool for whole school improvement, using an Aboriginal education lens.

Underpinned by a cultural competency framework and strengthened by First Peoples Principles of Learning, the AEIM supports schools to identify and map school improvement across stages of cultural competency, guided by Aboriginal Education Team Consultants.

The AEIM is an integral tool for schools to have meaningful participation in Transforming Lives: Strategy 2025 and progress towards the four Bold Goals.

As mandated by CECWA’s Aboriginal Education Policy, all Catholic schools require an Aboriginal Education Plan. Trained in adult facilitation and using Halberg and Kaser’s Spiral of Inquiry, Aboriginal Education Team consultants take school staff through a process that considers both the school context and staff expertise, to assist Catholic schools with system compliance requirements, such as Cyclic Reviews and/or Audits.

Aboriginal education works best when it is lived as part of a whole school improvement process, rather than in a document that sits on a shelf. As such, it is imperative that Aboriginal Education Plans are developed through the Aboriginal Education Team AEIM Process and in collaboration with School Support Consultants, School Improvement Advisors and/or Regional Officers. A systemic approach to Aboriginal education aligns the work of the school with system and ensures that the work that emerges is Christ-centered, child-focused and culturally responsive.

The Online AEIM process can only be used to develop an Aboriginal Education Plan (AEP) in collaboration with the Aboriginal Education Team. Once the AEIM process is complete, AEPs will be certified for compliance purposes.

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